Ah, Corona, the king of beers that taste good when you add lime. Yes, that wondrous golden concoction from south of the border.

True or False: Lime from a bottle of lime juice tastes the same as fresh limes.

Answer: False!

It makes a huge difference, fresh limes are waaaay better... adds that special, fresh lime zing. yummy!

Corona: Gotta keep it in stock at all times.

Arrogant Bastard Ale (oaked)

Complex, dark, bold... maybe even arrogant.

They do a clever trick with the back label: They talk all about how this beer is probably too good, too advanced for your under-appreciative palate. It is certainly a lot of beer for your bottle. probably about two average beers packed into each bottle.

Newcastle Brown Ale, from little place called "Newcastle"

Went over to the parent's for thanksgiving and found to my delight that their little fridge had some Newcastle Brown Ale.

I have been a die hard Guinness fan for most of my beer drinking life, but i am anticipating a painless switchover to Newcastle in the near future. Newcastle's got the taste, the quality and the body without putting me to sleep right away. No biggie, i'll just have to practice my English accent more often and phase out that Irish one i've been developing.

Four Peaks does it again

Four Peaks' Kiltlifer. Classic.

Yep, Four Peaks came through yet again the other day when i went out with my aunt and uncle, we had two birthdays so we got two complimentary pints. Waitresses were friendly and helpful as usual, beer was great, and food was not too expensive. of course we took advantage of the 2.75 happy hour pints. Another perk about eating in here is their beer is miraculously intoxicating... two pints of Kiltlifter here has the same effect on me as four bottles of Corona, for example.


The Label.
The Brew.The Head.
Very Rich, boldly dark... just what i would expect from a Scottish beer. Take a swig of this and you'll be ready to go off and win a highland games tournament.