Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Local to Oregon, this brewsky got a vote of OK from both me and my wife. Contains a unique, bitter flavor that i might grow to enjoy. As I get older and crankier, i lean toward more and more bitter flavor. See, my beer drinking isn't just about having fun, it's about introspection and deep, spiritual truth.

A to-scale map to the Mirror Pond brewery that appears on their packaging.

Mirror Pond box design

Popping open a bottle of Mirror Pond Pale Ale takes me sailing again through the turbulent waters of my childhood. First sip seems too bitter, too unpleasant. Another sip and i feel myself starting to grow up. Bitter turns to pleasant turns to soothing, comforting.

"What is there to like about this dark brew?" my young self asks my older self. To this my older self answers, "Just wait a few years and you'll find out."

bottle cap

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Anonymous said...

hey i'm from Oregon, man! rock on, nice blog too bro. I've always been more of a guinness guy