BridgePort India Pale Ale

At first glance i might have guessed this brewsky was made in India but then i read the bottle and found out it's another one from Oregon (I'm sitting in Arizona right now, so Oregon is not the most natural guess in the world for me.) First impression: very stylish.

Why is it special: It goes through some of it's fermentation process while it's still in the bottle.
Also: The bottle looks cool.
What follows is a lot of pictures just to prove that i did not make it look orange on purpose. No matter what the lighting, it's still orange. (this is also not would i would have naturally expected).
As for the taste: I don't like it. Too much of that tart/sour taste for me. That' s probably because i lean toward the darker brews. Obviously a lot of people like it though, or else it would not have made it all the way down here from Oregon. You might say that BridgePort India Pale Ale is just not my cup of... beer... at this stage in life.

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