Peroni, the reputed King of Italian Beers

What do you think? Maybe a nice glass of Chardonnay?
Guess again. I just ran out of beer glasses.
Taste: great, actually. i had a bottle before... i remember it being more bland, like a watered down Heineken. But i remembered wrong. Peroni puts forth a delightfully balanced taste, i want to compare it to a cross between Heineken and Corona, but its much better than just that. Quite yummy. Doesn't wear me out like other brewskies. Bravo, Peroni. You've made a believer out of me.

Interesting fact about Peroni: It tastes better straight from the bottle.

Let me tell you, these wine glasses are huge. This is almost two 12 oz. bottles of Peroni in one glass.
lone bottle.six pack.

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