Four Peaks of Tempe, AZ

Four Peaks microbrewery is about a half mile east of ASU campus. It's one of the more classy places to get wasted, or just hang out if you want.

The beer here is great. You can get a sampler of all their in-house brewskies for like 8 bucks. Their pints are $3.75, except during happy hour when their 2.75. So good. They've got an oatmeal stout, it's the middle one here:
The other two are "snake bites," or half oatmean stout and half hard pear cider. You can do something similar if you fill a glass half full with hard apple cider and the rest of the way with Guinness. These two are a little too mixed, you're supposed to be able to see two drastically different hues: dark on top, light on bottom.

The Oatmeal stout (similar to Guinness) has been my favorite for a while. It's smooth, goes down easy and it has a mild chocolaty flavor.

To be honest, though, i've been leaning more toward the Kiltlifter as of late. It's got more bite, and it doesn't slow me down as much. That Oatmeal stout is like used motor oil coursing through my veins. I drank one here, but forgot to take a picture of it.


Anonymous said...

four peaks is a great place to meet girls (ASU hotties)

Dave said...

Oatmeal Stout Shake FTW!